Bel Sognar e Oziar(*)

June 18th, 2008 (**)

In the entire known and knowable universe there's an immense, finite and sequential process.

From this fact (***) the following assumptions can be made:

(*) (*) "Bel Sognar e Oziar" is the anagram of my name and surname, i. e. "Gabriele Soranzo". I'm an Italian software architect, if you want to contact me, you will find me easily on the web.

(**) I've written this web page today, the 18th June 2008, but the first time I ever wrote these affirmations was about 20 years ago, in 1988.

(***) For me - since I've faith in it - it's a fact, but for others it can be considered as a simpler and indemonstrable assumption.

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