What happened in 2020


An acceleration.


The incredible acceleration of a process of social evolution, which had already been going on for decades.

Social changes, that were thought to require decades to come to completion, were realized for the best part in three months - and will be completed in a few years at most.

The changes I am talking about are:

I want to clarify the use I'm making of the concepts "quality" and "defect". I am talking of these concepts as ideas that are "chosen" and approved by the whole society, not just by its upper levels.

To be more precise, it was an acceleration of the two social concepts above (single thought, control of individuals); the social changes that strengthen these concepts are to be considered as mere "implementation details".

These two concepts are perfectly consistent with a political and social view of China and its underlying Far Eastern culture. It is a deep, stable and thousand-years-old culture, with the "stated objective" of becoming the leading world cultural model within the next thirty years.

These two concepts are also "perfectly" consistent with another concept, apparently more occidental in nature: assuming that monetisation is a quality. With this I mean: assuming that monetising all actions and even thoughts, whether human or artificial, is a good thing.

From this originates a great synergy of purpose between these two political and geographical blocs, which would otherwise be in contrast.

I defined the actual social changes a mere "implementation detail" because the point is not whether they are A and B, or X and Y. The underlying point is instead to make the three social concepts that I mentioned unique and unconditional, on a global scale: