MonitoringCharity (*)

What one sentence best describes your idea?

Exploit several new technologies (i.e. email, sms, Google Earth) to inform the benefactors about the results they helped achieving with the money they donated.

Describe your idea in more depth.

We should exploit current technologies (i.e. email, sms, Google Earth) to inform all Benefactors about the intermediate and final results their donations have produced.
The main stakeholders are:

MonitoringCharity provides an easy-to-use and very cheap technological platform (at least for the Organization and the Benefactors) that allows a fast and accurate communication between the Organization and the Benefactors of the intermediate and final positive results obtained for the beneficiaries.
It is necessary to create a web portal where it is possible to outline the projects; it should be easy to manage from the Organization side and easy to be consulted by the Benefactors.
The web portal should have at least:


The organization should have the possibility to:

The benefactors should have a complete access to the web portal and in particular the possibility to personalize the communication systems with the Organization, such as:

For this communication activity it is very important to use the smallest amount of resources and economic requirements, since it is best to redirect the funds to the charity program.

What problem or issue does your idea address?

The main problem is the following:
"Many potential Benefactors are not supported and think that their money is not adequately and correctly used for the grounds it was donated".
Only the most important Organizations (i.e. Unicef, FAO, etc...) can - sometimes - afford informing their associates about the results obtained from their initiatives, but in any case this communication platform is expensive.
MonitoringCharity allows small Organizations to communicate to their Benefactors the status of the project, without further expenses.
In addition, the use of Google Earth or webcams allows a real-time update of the project status (in this case the construction of buildings).

. If your idea were to become a reality, who would benefit the most and how?

What are the initial steps required to get this idea off the ground?

Describe the optimal outcome should your idea be selected and successfully implemented. How would you measure it?

The main indicator that measures the success of the MonitoringCharity project is represented by the number of Organizations and projects that will use MonitoringCharity.
Another more sophisticated indicator is the result of 2 investigations (one from the Organizations and one from the Benefactors) that outline how many Organizations and Benefactors would not have participated to the charity project if there wouldn't have been MonitoringCharity.
The most important indicator (but also the most difficult to quantify yet) is represented by the Beneficiaries happiness offered by the Organizations/Benefactors and deriving from the charity projects that are managed through MonitoringCharity.

(*) MonitoringCharity was a my proposal at Google Project 10^100.